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Tattoos Are Forever


A.W.O.L. Custom Tattooing, LLC was formed in early 2007 with one goal in mind: to provide quality tattoos at a reasonable price. With the field of tattooing becoming over-run by people out to make a dollar, acting like rock stars, or tattooing just because they saw it on television. There is an obvious need for more honest, reliable, and hard working people in the industry. People with a deeper understanding of what it means to dedicate a piece of your body to a feeling or idea and representing it through an image, be it good, evil, happy, sad, or indifferent.

AWOL Custom Tattooing  EST 2007
Biohazard Symbol

Having an understanding of the possible dangers involved in receiving a tattoo and completely passing that knowledge on to the client is very important to us as well. All tattooists and piercists operating here have their Bloodborne Pathogens Certification Cards. We also have an area for you to learn about different diseases here.


A complete circle of understanding is what this establishment hopes to achieve. An understanding of what you expect or want from your tattoo is what we hope to find. For those who do not understand that there is more to a tattoo than price, be it high or low, we want to help you see that neither cheap, nor expensive, makes the tattoo what it is.

Tattoo Design Development The artists located at A.W.O.L. are more than willing to sit and talk to you about any reservations that you may be having or to help you iron out any ideas that you have for your tattoo. Maybe you have a design that is already drawn out and will work great, maybe not. They will be honest with you about your ideas without being rude and let you know what will look right, flow well, and hold up over time.
They could just take your money and run, do whatever you want, wherever you want, but they won't. There are things more important than money, such as your long term satisfaction with your experience. This shop wants to bring that satisfaction to you.

bad tattoo

Developing Art Technology

Only artists with the mentality of always being able to learn more are allowed to tattoo here. Art, skill, and technology are ever-changing and growing. There is a world of knowledge and feeling to take inspiration from. It is up to us to choose which changes are for the good and which are not.

No inks that are experimental or unproven will be used at this establishment because we care about your safety. That means no black light or glow in the dark ink for about ten more years, hehehe. We hope that you will let the artists located at A.W.O.L. help you make your choices for your tattoo good ones that you can happily live with. bad ink


There are many different types of people in our world. A.W.O.L. Custom Tattooing LLC doesn't have a "target market" outside of those looking for a good experience. There is an open and friendly environment encouraged here. Your race, creed, sexual orientation, age, or ability will not cause anyone to disrespect you in any way as long as that respect is mutual. We are all different, but we all drip a little bit of red when we get tattooed.

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