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Tattooist / Artist Ray Reasoner, Jr.

Ray Reasoner TattooistRay Reasoner TattooerRay Reasoner Tattoo Artist

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Ray was born in Jacksonville, Florida, USA in the bi-centennial year of 1976. After a short trip to Pennsylvania he arrived in Muskegon, Michigan where he has pretty much stayed to this day. He has a wife, two sons, and a daughter. He loves all of them deeply and appreciates them more than they know.

  Ray has been tattooing professionally since 1998 with six years of private tattooing on top of that. He has tattooed at Sky Images Tattooing, Area 51 Tattooing, Sheila's Electric Tan, and now at A.W.O.L. Custom Tattooing LLC. He specializes in tattoo cover-ups and reworks, but loves doing new custom tattoos in any style as well as realism, pinups, and portraits. He will help you find the right design and style for your tattoo. He is diligent in his research and dedicated to his craft. You can view his cover up/rework tattoos, realistic tattoos, custom and/or freehand tattoos, and tattoos done from other artist's images, right here.

  He loves art in many forms but tends to stick to drawing on bristol board, paper, or with his computer. His drive to draw landed him a contract with in late 2003.

In September of 2007 he was fortunate enough to attend the Thunder in the Rockies event in Loveland, Colorado and be a judge at the Crossroads Tattoo Competition along with Lyle Tuttle, Friday Jones, and Ben There. All of them incredible people in their own right. The event was sponsored by and Main Street Tattoo from Longmont, CO.

Lyle Tuttle Ray Reasoner

Ray with the incredible tattooing legend Lyle Tuttle during the Thunder in the Rockies.

In July 2008 Ray had a couple of tattoos take first place at Bike Time here in Muskegon MI. Their tattoos can be found in Ray's portfolio.


In September 2008 Ray attended the Denver Tattoo Convention for the release of the Tattoo Sourcebook. He will be tattooing as well as doing a book signing since he helped out with the book and also has some of his artwork included with many other flash artists from around the globe.

Tattoo Sourcebook

All of 2009 Ray tattooed his ass off, drew many flash designs, and then squeezed in as much time for friends and family as possible, it was a quick year for him. :)

 Ray was an active member in the Artist Legal Alliance. This was an organization that protected the legal rights of tattoo flash designers worldwide before the realization that people will always find a bigger, better way to steal.

  He has been continuously learning to tool leather, wood working, machining, oil painting, and 3d printing. He also does freelance work drawing pretty much anything that people ask for, including company or band logos, t-shirts, portraits, and album covers.

July 2011 Jen won best overall tattoo at Bike Time with a rib/back/rib tattoo done by Ray and in March of 2012 she was published in The Horse motorcycle magazine.


Jen Published

In 2012 the Tattoo-Pedia was released and Ray just so happened to have some artwork in there as well.


July 2014 Ray won another best overall at Bike Time with the Alien vs. Predator back piece done on Juan Garcia. The article is here.

2014 Best Overall Tattoo Winner

Ray doesn't like to toot his own horn a whole lot, but when a guy that's been doing art as long as Guy Weersing gives a compliment like this... makes another artist feel pretty good. Ray would also like to thank Juan for stopping in and showing off his trophy.

Juan Garcia and Ray Reasoner



You can now purchase Ray's tattoo flash design sheets directly from him through us.

Ray Reasoner tattoo flash

Favorite saying: I'd rather live the truth in sorrow than happily in a lie.

2nd Favorite saying: Build a man a fire and you will warm him for the night, set a man on fire and you will warm him for the rest of his life, hehehe.

Musical Choices: Chaotic music to classical melodies, he has a wide variety of tastes.

Schooling: Graduated Reeths-Puffer High School in Muskegon, MI

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The Crew:

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